5 Compelling Reasons to Visit Netherlands during the Spring

The Netherlands has always been a hot spot for vacations. Winters are cold, gloomy, and dark here, but come spring and the Netherlands welcome you to colorful and beautiful sights. Here are 5 compelling reasons why you should visit the Netherlands during the spring season.

Flower Lover’s Paradise

The Netherlands is often called the ‘Flower Shop of the World’. Come March and the crocus starts blooming and then opens the daffodils and hyacinths. Starting from mid-April, nature is at its best with colorful tulips making the most beautiful sight. The large landscapes of the country get transformed into colorful carpets spread all over by these beautiful flowers.

Rotterdam Museums and Art Galleries

Don’t miss out on visiting Rotterdam Netherlands! You will love its amazing art galleries, museums, mind-blowing market hall, and more. Tourists can also find a lot of comfortable accommodation options like hotels, resorts, and vacation homes. So, they can stay for as long as they please.

Keukenhof Park

It is the biggest garden all over the world displaying around 800 varieties of tulips. They organize various flower-related events where you can enjoy the colorful displays of lilies, freesia, roses etc. besides nearly 7 million blooming tulips.

Enjoy River Cruising

The capital city Amsterdam is called the ‘The Venice of the North’. There are numerous rivers and canals running throughout and you can enjoy cruising through them. While floating on water, the picturesque windmills pose the picture-perfect scenery.

Bike Riding

Exploring the city on two wheels will make you feel connected to the place as cycling is an integral part of Dutch people. There are numerous places where you can rent a bike and explore cities or the countryside. It is a country that boasts of 32,000 Km of cycling paths.

Soak Up in Sun

Sunrays are a rare thing here, but April is the driest month when sunrays can be seen for a considerable part of the day. You can enjoy soaking in sun either at Dutch cafés enjoying the local delicacies with a cold beer. For savories, you can try fried Kibbeling that comes with a dipping tartar sauce. For sweets, you should definitely try Stroopwafel – it is delicious with a syrupy caramel layer trapped between two layers of baked dough. The ideal combination is to have it with a latte.

Plan your trip to this beautiful country during the spring season to appreciate nature at its best. Without the threat of getting caught up in rain, you can easily stroll through the tulip fields getting mesmerized. Spring is the ideal season to pack your bags and head to this amazing country located in Europe near Belgium and Germany.

This destination should definitely be on your bucket list. The season during which you visit is important because it is in spring that you can really enjoy the fantastic array of colorful displays laid out by nature.

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